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Holiday Lights and Fire Safety!

Tip #1 – When baking, keep kids and flammable items like kitchen towels away from the oven.

Tip# 2 – Always unplug all the electrical items connected to your tree before leaving home or going to bed.

Tip #3 – Keep flammable items at least 3ft. from your candles, and put the candelabra on a non-flammable surface.

Tip #4 – Make sure the fire in the fireplace is completely out before going to sleep.

Tip #5 – Make an emergency plan to use if there’s a fire in your home!

We are happy to answer any other questions regarding safety measures during the Holiday Season.  Please give us a call!

CONTACT US: At Capital Insurance, our experienced agents would be happy to answer any questioins regarding Home Safety during the Holiday Season. COME SEE US Or Call Us


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